The Layers of the Estuary

Jayne Farleigh -Solo Exhibition 

Please note that this exhibition has now moved online and can be viewed by  clicking the link.

Local artist, Jayne Farleigh, has been painting the Exe Estuary for many years. This exhibition explores how she views the Estuary as layers in her work. Jayne will be sharing the connections she has found between the sky, water and Earth and showing the viewer the energy and power running through the layers of the estuary.

'We often see what is happening above water. I want to explore the energy below my feet and see how light and water feed this energy, which in turn keeps the cycle of life going'. 

Jayne Farleigh Studio half height.jpg
Past the Red Cliffs, Lympstone JPG TU.jpg
Moon Rising, Lympstone - 1.jpg