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Artist Submissions

We love meeting new artists and seeing original work with a clear identity. However, to give both our customers and artists the time they need, we are afraid that we are unable to look at work without an appointment. 

Before getting in touch, please look at the work we already exhibit and sell to see if your work will sit well in the gallery and is not the same or too similar to the artwork we already have. Applications can be made by email to

Please include the following in your application:

  • Up to six good quality images of your work, which is currently available. Please add sizes and retail prices.

  • A brief artist biography.

  • A list of shops, galleries or online sites through which you already sell your work. 

  • Your website address, Facebook page address and any other social media addresses that you use for your business.


We are happy to sell work for artists and makers who also sell through their own websites and at open studio sales, but please be aware that if you are selling directly to the public we would expect a parity of pricing.

We are a small independent gallery who enjoys good relationships with our exhibiting artists. 

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