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Blue ceramic hand built pot by Helen McCormick
///what3words ceramic vessel by Penny O'Brien
Blue and green tall vase by Debbie Stewart

We will be hosting ‘A Celebration of Ceramics’  from Friday 28th April until Sunday 7th May. The exhibition will be open daily from 10.30-4   ( closed Tuesday 2nd May)  and will exhibit the work of contemporary ceramicists  coming together to celebrate the natural forms and colours of nature.  Beautiful pots, vessels, functional ware and decorative tiles will inspire visitors, in our calm and creative space.

We are privileged to be showcasing  a stunning selection of work from such a talented community of west country ceramicists.  Free demonstrations will be given throughout the event so this is a wonderful way to find out about the techniques, stories and inspiration behind the clay pieces. 

Ceramics and painting display Seaglass Gallery Lympstone Devon
Art exhibition Seaglass Gallery in Lympstone

Timetable of demonstrations

We will be open daily from 10.30-4 April 28th until May 7th (except Tuesday 2nd)

Demonstrations will be from 11.30-2.30 on the following dates:

Friday 28th April Debbie Stewart  


Sunday 30th Tina Hill-Art

Monday 1st May Charline Marzin


Wednesday 3rd  Penny O'Brien

Thursday 4th  Helen McCormick

Friday 5th Tricia Seabright on hand to answer pottery related questions.

Ceramic sea figure Shaldon Pottery

Read  below to find out more from some of our exhibiting artists.

Helen McCormick

‘My hand-built ceramic vessels are strongly influenced by the coast.  They are inspired by my first-hand experience of bulbous and curvaceous shapes. Each vessel is an exploration into the plasticity of the clay and the relationship between the maker and material. I use stoneware clay, which I high bisque fire before applying a very thin glaze. The surface is achieved by layering slip and barium glaze via pouring, dipping, spraying or brushing onto the vessel, layering the glaze. Each piece is a flux of blues and greens, reflecting the richness of the sea'.

Penny O’Brien

‘I am a ceramic artist creating tactile landscape vessels, conveying my deep connection to nature. My work is influenced by the poignant beauty and drama of the landscape during my daily walks on Dartmoor. Each   piece   is   hand-thrown,   altered,   and   texture   added   to   create   a   form   that   invites exploration of the surface. Small plants, indigenous to the location, are also pressed into the clay. I   embed   the   exact   geographical   coordinates   of   each   piece's   conception   using what3words. Slips, oxides and glazes are then added’.

We are delighted that Penny’s new Sea Flight series will also be on show during the exhibition.


Debbie Stewart


Debbie Stewart ‘The Joy of Clay’, is an ‘East Devon potter who uses stoneware and porcelain. Debbie's pieces reflect her favourite landscapes in the glazes she combines to get her final results. With earthy Devon reds and browns and the blues and turquoise of our very own south-west coastline, her pieces are unique in the way they combine ready-made glazes infused with those made from scratch’.

Tricia Seabright

'Like so many potters, my first introduction to ceramics was at evening classes when I was in my twenties and where I was immediately captivated by its possibilities. But it was only when I retired after many years in publishing/advertising and graphic design that I was able to return to ceramics and give it my full attention. After some refresher courses I set up my own studio, making both domestic and decorative stoneware. Although my influences include traditional and modern Japanese pottery, I hope that by constantly experimenting with form, glazes and glaze application in a free and colourful manner I have developed my own style. I live and work in Budleigh'.

Anthi Kay


Having studied Design and Fine Art, in both London and Devon, Anthi went into a career that covered fashion styling, advertising and television production. After leaving London, Anthi settled in Topsham and finds great inspiration from living on the river and being surrounded by the beautiful landscape.

Anthi   has   always   continued   to   be  creative  in   the form of photography, design and printmaking but has   found   herself   moving   more   to   working   with clay, over the last few years. Her ceramics, whether thrown or hand built,  take on a very simplistic shape and form. This then carries through to the glazing with a contemporary but classic feel. Her hope is they are seen as both aesthetic and practical in their use. Anthi’s passion is for beauty to be seen in  the simplest of forms whether it is in nature or man-made.

Charline Marzin

'Charline Clay Colours throws on the wheel, her happy place in her home studio in Mid Devon. Her joyful stoneware and earthenware ceramics are meticulously decorated with hand painted, hand carved or wax resist colourful patterns and illustrations. Charline's inspiration comes from her passion for climate science, her travels, folk art and nature patterns.'

Tina Hill-Art

Working from a small studio on the Teign estuary, I hand-build intuitively using slab, coil and sculpting techniques.

Elements of the wild estuary and rugged textures of the surrounding natural landscapes and coast are key influences, as are remembered fragments of my wandering travels and interest in antiquity. A career working therapeutically with people and my playful ‘inner child’ also emerge, with characters, icons, metaphor and suggested emotion seen in abstract representation. I have permission to dig a limited amount of local ‘wild clay’ from the low-tide estuary edge, which I occasionally use as a decorative slip.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this inspiring event of original work from nine ceramicists. A warm welcome awaits you all in the Seaglass Gallery, which also exhibits a stunning collection of paintings and jewellery.

Tall ceramic vase with blue and brown pattern
Abstract seascape, blue vases and blue bird icon
2 ceramic candlesticks on rocks in Shaldon
Moon pot by Charline Clay Colours
Oil painting by Tom Stevenson and seaflight vessels by Penny O'Brien
Porcelain wave dishes by Anthi Kay
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