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Ray Balkwill

Born in Exeter, Ray graduated from Exeter College of Art, thereafter

making a career in advertising as an Art Director. In 1990 demand for his

paintings led him to give up his job to become a professional artist. He has

held numerous successful solo exhibitions, as well as showing in group

and open exhibitions including the R.I., R.W.A. and the South West

Academy. In 2006 he was elected an Academician in the South West

Academy and was a member of St Ives Society of Artists for over twenty

years. He is the author of seven books, is a regular contributor to art

magazines and has also made two art instruction films. Ray is a strong

advocate of painting en plein air and his main objective is to capture the

mood and ‘spirit’ of a place. Living as he does on the coast, it is little

wonder that the wide-open spaces of sea, estuary and sky have been the

mainspring of his art.