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How can Own Art help you?

Updated: Feb 28

Over the past three years, we have worked hard to build our reputation as an art gallery where you can see outstanding art created by some of the west country’s finest artists. We are very proud of what we have achieved on our journey so far and becoming part of the Own Art scheme seemed the natural next step. We found out this week that we have been accepted onto the scheme. Our feedback from the assessors included these kind words:

 ‘ We have determined that Seaglass Gallery has a fantastic range of high-quality artwork that would make the gallery an excellent addition to the Own Art scheme. Biographies are easy to find which show care and dedication to promoting your represented artists. Furthermore, the workshops on offer show a great attitude towards connecting with your local community'.

Being part of Own Art allows us to offer something new to add to the exceptionally high standard of customer service that we already offer you.

What is Own Art?

Own Art is a national initiative, funded by the Arts Council, that makes ‘buying contemporary art and craft affordable by letting you spread the cost of your purchase over 10 months with an interest free loan’. 

The Own Art scheme aims to:

·       make it easier and more affordable for people to access art, regardless of their income and socio-economic background.

·       enable more people to live with the art they love.

What does Own Art mean for you?

If you come in to the Seaglass Gallery and fall in love with an original piece of artwork but are not in the position to pay for it all in one go you can now spread the cost over ten interest-free monthly payments. If, for example, a painting costs £250, instead of paying the full amount at the point of sale, you can make ten equal monthly payments of £25. The artwork will be yours to take home and hang on your wall, subject to acceptance on the scheme.

All original artwork priced at over £100 , including paintings, jewellery and ceramics can now be bought and paid for over ten monthly payments. If you select two pieces that each cost less than £100 but together go over the £100 price point then they will also be eligible for the interest-free payments. We will help you to complete a simple Own Art application form and then you will hear almost instantly if you are eligible for the scheme. If you are, you will be able to take the artwork home with you and make your first payment about four weeks later.

Many years ago in a small art gallery, we fell in love with a picture that reminded us of our two daughters playing on the beach. We loved it from the moment we saw it. The connection with our hearts and the painting was made. We were not in a position to spend £100 and buy it so instead would go and visit it each time we were in the area. Eventually, we were lucky enough to take it home but if Own Art had been available this would have happened much sooner and at no extra cost. The picture brings us a glimmer of joy every day and has been worth every penny. We hope Own Art will help you to take home a piece of art that brings you joy as you start building or adding to your own art collection in a more affordable way. Art is good for the soul and things that are good for the soul are important for us all to nurture.

If you would like to know more about Own Art, such as what their eligibility criteria is then do pop in for a chat with us or have a look at the Own Art website.

We will continue to run Seaglass Gallery in the way that we love, but just have this extra offering. We look forward to seeing you soon and as always remember everyone whether a buyer, a browser or someone who wants to simply look art in their own  quiet way, is welcome in the calm and creative space of Seaglass Gallery.

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