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 Penny O'Brien

Penny O'Brien ceramics artist

'I am a ceramic artist creating tactile landscape vessels, conveying my deep connection to

nature.My work is influenced by the poignant beauty and drama of the landscape duringmy daily

walks on Dartmoor. Each piece is hand-thrown, altered, and texture added to create a form that invites exploration of the surface. Small plants indigenous to the location are also pressed into the

clay. I embed the exact geographical coordinates of each piece's conception using

what3words. Slips, oxides and glazes are then added. I have a lifelong passion for clay. I am self-taught; seeking out opportunities to learn and make ceramics throughout my life. After a career in healthcare, I established my own studio and practice in 2021.

I use white stoneware clay fired in an electric kiln.'

Lympstone Foreshore and Cliff Field



Ceramic pot

Height: 11 cm

Length: 11.5 cm

Depth: 6.5 cm




Ceramic Pot

Height: 11 cm

Length: 10 cm

Depth:   6 cm




Ceramic pot

Height:10 cm

Length:11 cm

Depth: 6 cm




Ceramic pot

Height: 9 cm

Length: 10 cm

Depth: 5.5 cm




Ceramic pot

Height 11 cm

Length 12 cm

Depth: 6 cm


Lympstone Harbour



Ceramic pot

Height: 8.5cm

Length: 9cm

Depth: 5cm




Ceramic pot

Height 12 cm

Length 13 cm

Depth: 7cm


///what 3 words pot


Ceramic Pot

Height 9.5 cm

Length 12.5 cm

Depth: 6 cm



Ceramic pot

Height 9.5cm

Length 10.5cm

Depth 5.5cm


New pots have just arrived:

///stretch.swordfish.covers Sold

///short.trip.impresses £65

///bolt.sloping.aims £65

///amps.sonic.shots £65

///bulb.blotting.parked £65

///showcase.someone.cello Sold

///circle.rekindled.kneeled £75

///seashell.resurgent.bibs £90 Sold

///rainy.freshest.closes £90

///skippers..bounty.regaining Sold

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