Jayne  Farleigh

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In her figurative and landscape paintings, Jayne creates mood and atmosphere by interpreting the effects of and shadows created by sunlight. She is most interested in the transitional time of day at either sunrise or sunset.

‘It is important for me that I don’t just put everything I see in a painting. I also put everything I feel. When I paint, I am looking for something that I consider ordinary, that I take for granted everyday. There are moments when this ordinary is at its most

wonderful. There is magic every day. That is what I would like people to stop and see'.

Jayne studied GCSE and A level art and then went on to work in retail and window dressing.

In 2008 when she had her first child she began to study with the artist, Daniel Stone (RCA)MA. In recent years, her work has been selected for exhibitions by the Society of Women Artists and the ING Discerning Eye in London

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