Dawn Jordan

Dawn Jordan painting on Woodbury Common acd5c679-1c1c-4b76-87d3-afb04141642b.jpg
Mist on the River Exe IMG_1892.jpg

On moving to the beautiful South West five years ago Dawn Jordan found an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her passion for plein air and studio painting.  'I am particularly keen on painting seascapes, landscapes and figurative scenes in oils at present'.  She has undertaken several commissions and sold paintings online and through galleries locally and in London.  Her paintings have sold in Europe, Canada as well as the UK.  She paints with the UK Plein Air South West Group and the London Plein Air Group. This year, she appeared on Sky Landscape Artist of the Year which was filmed at the Eden Project in Cornwall.


Broadway Arts Festival 2016 

Patchings Art Festival:   Highly Commended 2017,2020, 2021, 2022

Solo Exhibition October Exeter 2019 

Russell Gallery London: Dec 2019 - now 

Devon Open Studios Sept 2020, 2021

Seaglass Gallery August 2021 - now

Sky Landscape Artist of the Year Wildcard Episode 1, Series 7 2022