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Claire Belcher

Wood is one of the wonders of the world. Trees build wood just from capturing sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, isn’t that amazing? 

Claire Belcher is a Lympstone based pyrography artist creating unique pieces inspired by the natural beauty of wood. Claire is a Professor of Fire Ecology, at the University of Exeter, so perhaps it is no surprise that she also uses fire in her creative practice, where she hand-burns her pieces. She enhances her pyrography with acrylic or watercolour paint. Her works typically feature animals and waterscapes, often crossing the land-water divide. She primarily works with highly grained wood, working with the pattern of the wood to create the environment or movement within the piece. She also works on turned wood and on paper- anything that was built from sunlight and air to breathe life into her work. 


Wolf pyrography by Claire Belcher
Otter pyrography by Claire Belcher



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