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Samantha Frances

Having a love for the outdoors, Samantha Frances' work is predominantly of aspects of the natural world that captivate her. As an animal lover, she finds she is  able to capture personality and movement in an uplifting and bold abstract-realism style.

Through the mediums of watercolour and oil, she aims to bring to life the beauty that she sees in the natural world, focusing particularly on natural energies; seasonal traits; habitats and relationships between colour, shadows, light, and movement. She does this through bold, contrasting, and accurate colours; visible brushstrokes and broken lines in her oils. She uses bold colours and fluid marks in watercolour.

'I want my art to feel fresh and engaging each time that you look at it and to compliment contemporary or traditional spaces alike'.

 She has  a particular passion for the planet and, through her art she aims to draw attention to the plight of certain species, highlighting the important roles that some of the most beautiful creatures play in the planet’s ecosystem.

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