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     Art  Workshops

Workshops are run by a variety of talented artists.  All tools and materials are provided. A theme of wellbeing flows throughout them all and everyone is made welcome. Gift vouchers for workshops are available. Seaglass Gallery is one minute's walk from Lympstone's train station. We work in small groups to ensure plenty of one-to-one tuition. To book a place please email us. If you see a workshop you like the look of and it is fully booked, do get in touch to register your interest.  New workshops are added regularly.




20th and 21st  Silver Jewellery Making Workshops

9.30-12.30 or 1.30-4.30  £70/£140 -fully booked. Please email to go on the waiting list for the January dates.

22nd Lino Print Christmas Cards with Charlotte £35 10-12 

30th Lino Print Christmas Cards with Charlotte £35  10-12 or 7-9


6th  Inky Winter Landscapes with Louise Banks £40 10-12.30 

7th  Festive Wreath Making  with Jo Moore 10-12 or 1.30-3.30 £45 per person 

All tools and materials are provided. Do get in touch to book or express interest for particular workshops or to go on our waiting list for future workshops.

We can also provide bespoke workshops for families, friends or work colleagues.

Gift vouchers are available to treat someone to a workshop. They make such a lovely gift. 

Introduction to Watercolours
with Charlotte

Have fun and relax whilst exploring different watercolour techniques.  We can create colour palettes inspired by the subtle hues of the beautiful River Exe. This is a workshop for complete painting beginners wanting to learn some basics about watercolour painting and explore different effects that watercolours can create. If drawing is not your thing, don't worry as we will be exploring ,not drawing. Weather permitting, we will spend some time on techniques in the Seaglass Gallery and some time on the beautiful foreshore painting peacefully. Email for more information. All equipment will be provided.

Date and Time:  New date to be added soon

Cost: £40 per person

To book please email us - click here

IMG_1441 (1).jpg
Above the Clouds

Introduction to Lino printing with Charlotte

Come and join this small and friendly workshop which is aimed at complete beginners wanting to explore and learn how to make lino prints. All tools and materials will be provided, so all you need to do is bring yourself and be immersed in creativity as we print mindfully. We will take our time to learn the process and delight in the emerging prints. Come on your own or with a friend. Email to book a place or find out more.

lino 6.jpg

Date and Time:

New date to be added soon


Cost: £40

To book please email us - click here

Botanical print.jpg

 Botanical Lino Printing with Charlotte

We will closely observe leaves and design our own leaf composition, which we will carve out of lino and print. This is a wonderful follow on from our Introduction to Lino printing Workshop. We can relax as we carve and print and then delight in the prints we create.

Date and Time: New date to be added soon


Price: £40

To book please email us - click here


Two Layer Lino Printing with Charlotte

In this exciting workshop, we will be creating and cutting two separate designs. We will overlay one design on the other as we print.

Date and Time: Thursday 12th October


Cost: £40

To book please email us - click here

Reduction Lino Printing with Charlotte

In this exciting workshop, we will be creating a print made of more than one colour. We will reduce the lino each time we print.

Date and Time: Wednesday 18th October


Cost: £40

To book please email us - click here

Lino Print Christmas Cards  with Charlotte

Date and Time: Wednesday 22nd November


Thursday 30th  November 10-12 or 7-9

Cost: £35 per session

To book please email us - click here

Creative Watercolours for Beginners- Evening Class with Louise Banks

The Day the Cornish Cutters Sailed Away £320 .jpg

“Watercolour is not just a technique: It is an attitude.

..For me, the secret to using watercolour lies in the balance between control and letting go.”


On this course you will be exploring the unique properties of watercolour in a relaxed, friendly setting.

All abilities are welcome, the only requirement is a

willingness to experiment with materials and have an inquisitive mind!

All materials, including watercolour sketchbooks, are provided.

This sketchbook-based approach is to experiment, understand and enjoy the medium before embarking on a sustained painting. With guidance your own creative research can develop into loose, expressive studies.

As the artist Sheinberger says – “

Watercolour tends to do what it wants, therefore the secret is to

strike a balance between control and letting go.”

The Spring 4 week evening course will be a creative step by step approach.

Week 1; colour theory and experimentation (inspired by the Bauhaus artists), looking at the creative

possibilities of using a limited colour palette, abstract wet on wet methods.

Week 2; transparent colour glazes and layers, abstract wet on dry methods.

Week 3; resist methods (masking fluid and wax)

Week 4; learning about composition and loose line and wash (watercolour, pen and ink). Bringing it all together on stretched paper in a final painting.

Throughout the course we will be referencing the

water theme: Waterscapes, the Lympstone

shoreline, light, reflections, seashore plants, seaglass and shells. Much of our work will be in developing techniques that capture the translucency of water. We will also be using poetry as a

springboard for visual effects. The emphasis will be on working in an abstract way with colour and trying to achieve translucent

washes before applying line. Along with Watercolour works by William Turner we will also be looking at the playfulness of Paul Klee, the new movement of contemporary watercolour artists such as Alf Lohr, Barbara Nicholls and what the urban watercolourists have to offer seascape painters.

Tutor Louise Banks studied at Goldsmiths’ College London, has taught art for over 30 years in schools and adult education centres, shown work regularly at the Mall Galleries, London

and worked in illustration.

Date and Time:

To be confirmed

Cost: £140 per person - includes all materials

To book please email us - click here

We will be running a follow on evening class for those who have already completed this evening class. if this is something you would be interested in then please email us.

All at Sea £320 (full pic) jpg.jpg

 Festive Wreath Making Workshop

Come and join us to create your very own festive wreath to celebrate the season. In our beautiful gallery, under gentle and professional tuition from an experienced florist, you will craft a wreath to be proud of. Using fresh greenery, which is responsibly and locally sourced, everything is biodegradable apart from the metal ring which can be used over and over again. No plastic will be used. Delicious seasonal refreshments will be provided too. 

Price: £45

Dates and Time: Tuesday 6th December 10-12 or 1.30-3.30

To book please email us - click here

textured disc earrings.jpg
twisted leaf bangle.jpg
textured disc ring.jpg
overlapping circle earrings.jpg

       Silver Jewellery Making

Do you love jewellery and have always wanted to have a go at making some? Come and learn how to make sterling silver jewellery using traditional silversmithing skills with an award-winning silversmith. Learn how to cut,saw,bend,hammer,shape,stamp patterns,solder,file and polish. You will be delighted with what you can create in such a short time. Absolutely no experience necessary, everyone welcome. Feel inspired in our creative gallery and leave with a beautiful piece of jewellery. The photos show a sample of pieces you can choose from.  If you prefer to stay all day (two sessions) then two pieces of jewellery can be made, including one with a stone set in it if you wish. 

Price £70 per person per half day workshop £140 full day workshop

Dates and Time:

Monday 20th November 9.30-12.30  or


Tuesday 21st November 9.30-12.30 

or 1.30-4.30 

These workshops are now fully booked. Please email us to go on the next workshops, which will be in the new year.

To book please email us - click here

Come and create loose atmospheric winter landscapes using inks, mark making, and stencils.

You will be able to select and crop your favourite sections from these larger works to develop into Christmas cards.

All materials will be provided including reference photos of winter landscapes to work from, but do bring any pictures/photos of your own that you may

want to use for inspiration.

Inky Winter Landscapes with Louise Banks

Date and Time:

Wednesday 6th December


Cost : £40

To book please email us - click here

Website photo 2.jpg

Big Skies - Using Acrylics

with Nic George 

Nic will be demonstrating the techniques that he uses to create his dramatic seascapes and Dartmoor landscapes. We will have the opportunity to explore these approaches and discover the potential for using acrylic paint to formulate ‘Big Skies’. Nic will examine the potential for creating compositions which have a much larger proportion of sky to land / sea. Besides his own work, Nic will also be sharing a range of artists that have influenced his work and how they have tackled the theme of ‘Big Skies’ to great effect.

 The workshop will be a great opportunity to try different approach to thinking about landscape and the influence a big sky can have over the overall effect of a painting.

Date and Time:

Thursday 19th October


Cost : £40

To book please email us - click here

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